Swim Club Year End Party June 17

Hello Everyone! 

It’s been a strange & tough couple of years for clubs and organizations, and we’d like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” for your ongoing support of your Pickering Masters Swim Club. 
On behalf of the Swim Club Exec, we’d like to invite all of you to celebrate the 2021/2022 swim season 😀 
Here’s what you need to know…
WHO: Swim club members & their guest(s)
WHAT: Potluck & BYOB 

WHEN: Friday, June 17th @ 7:00 pm

WHERE: Peter & Diane will be our lovely & generous hosts
11 Guildcrest Drive
Toronto, ON M1E 1E2
SPECIAL GUESTS: We are thrilled to announce that the fabulous local band, Double the Pleasure, will be playing live for us this year!!! 
RSVP: to peterchauvin@bell.net When you RSVP *please kindly include what food you are planning to bring to share*
We look forward to seeing & celebrating with you all!

Pickering MSC Spring 2022 Swim Sessions February Update

   Well things are hopefully beginning to look better for a return to normal.

  We are currently on schedule to return to the pool with our first swim at TPASC on Monday February 14, 2022. The schedule will have us returning to our pre pandemic schedule of up to 4 swims per week. If you want to take your swimming to the next level, we would encourage you to try for at least two swims per weeks. To this end our price structure allow for significant savings as if you sign up for 2 swims per week or a full membership which allows you up to 4 swims per weeks.

To sign up, simply login and go to https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/ to sign up for the day(s) you would like to swim.

  If you are not a member for the 2021/22 season. Simply join and pick your swim times. If you have done this and wish to change your times, simply send us an email and we help with the change.

 With regard to COVID, it may be noted that, at least for the next little while, proof of vaccination and screening is still required to enter facilities. As things open up, these may be relaxed.

Look forward to seeing you in the pool. Please stay safe and well.

 Any suggestions / questions / concerns may be directed to membership@PickeringMSC.ca

The Executive

Pickering Master Swim Club (https://pickeringmsc.ca/)

Return to Swimming Update

  We hope you are keeping well & have been enjoying the snow while out of the pool.
Time to dust of your fins & blow up your water wings, as we will likely return to practices the week of February 14th (pending any weird & wonderful developments between now and then…). All the details, as well as the cost structure for the remainder of the season, will be available soon.
***DIP has advised they will be open for public lane swimming as of next week for those who wish to get back in the water before mid-February***


Keep your eyes peeled for when registration through the website opens, and as always, please send any questions you have our way.
Take good care everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all back in the pool very soon!



Pickering MSC Spring 2022 Swim Sessions Update

Good Afternoon and a Happy New Year to all. As you may have guessed, the pandemic has again reared it’s ugly head and delayed our return to the pool.     

  We were scheduled to return the pool today Jan 03, 2022.  This was subsequently re-scheduled to return as of Monday Jan 17, 2022. However, this may again be changed with announcements to be released shortly. So please keep an eye for emails and/or posts to https://pickeringmsc.ca/.

Although, again subject to change, there may still be some public swimming available at Dunbarton and TPASC

Dunbarton – https://www.pickering.ca/en/living/aquatics.aspx

TPASC – https://tpasc.ca/schedules

As a reminder, all workouts we have done to date are available on calendar at https://pickeringmsc.ca/members/  if you need some structure.

Please stay safe and well.

 Any suggestions / questions / concerns may be directed to membership@PickeringMSC.ca

The Executive

Pickering Master Swim Club (https://pickeringmsc.ca/)

PickeringMSC Seasonal Celebration and Plans For Spring 2022

    Just a quick Update with regard to the remainder of the 2021 season and tonight’s holiday get together at http://knightscornerpub.ca/knightscornerpub/home/ featuring https://www.doublethepleasure.net/. We currently have RSVP’s from 29 folks indicating attendance. The evening will start at 8:30 pm for those not swimming and 9:30 pm for those that are coming from the pool as be an abbreviated swim from 8:30 – 9:30 pm. It should be stressed that the club takes the current COVID environment very seriously and would like to stress attendees will be expected meet all protocols including vaccination and masking.

   In regards to the upcoming 2022 Spring season which should be from Monday Jan 3, 2022 (TPASC) through to Tuesday May 31, 2022. A total of approximately 5 months, even though we would like to run a full schedule of 4 swims a week, it is very much up in the air as to what we will be able to do given the uncertainty of the current COVID environment.

  Besides the any restrictions being imposed on our operation, the most important factor is you.

So please let us know let us know your feelings. We do need critical mass to have things run.

Please check your email and web site for updates. We will try to get a survey out there asap to help gauge our response.

Please direct any suggestions / questions / concerns to membership@PickeringMSC.ca   

The Executive

Pickering Master Swim Club (https://pickeringmsc.ca/)


PickeringMSC Return to the Pool Monday September 20, 20219:00 – 10:00 pm at TPASC

    Well hopefully it is finally happening. Back to the pool again after another lock down. This time for good i.e. no more outage as per COVID.

Firstly, we want to thanks those that have already signed up. We look forward to seeing you in the pool.

 Just a short note with the important facts.

  • All sessions should be available for enrollment as stated on web site.
  • To join the club and sign up for swim Session, please go to https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/ .
    1. It is a two-step process:
      1. Join the Club and pay $15 which cover your Master Swimming Ontario (MSO) membership required per as insurance coverage. This also provides other benefits. This will be valid until next fall i.e. Sept 2022.
      2. Sign up for sessions. Currently we are looking at providing 4 sessions a week assuming we get sufficient registration. All pricing appears in the session description. Registration is currently being limited as per COVID restrictions. As restriction change, hopefully the numbers allowed to swim will increase. If a session indicates it is full, as your name to the waiting list. If the allowances increase, you will be contacted.
        All payments should be made to etransfer@pickeringmsc.ca. We were have some small issues with auto deposit, but this should now be working.
  • We are allowing drop ins assuming we have space.
    1. In Order to drop in, you must be a member of the club (and MSO). If you are not pay the $15 and join the club which includes MSO, please do so as above.
    2. Contact the club. Assuming there is space, just pay (e-transfer) $12.
    3. Show up at the pool.
  • You will be allowed a maximum of two drop in’s per month.
  • If a session does not fill by the posted start of that session, the club may choose to pro-rate the cost for that session by week to allow the session to continue.
  • If you were a member before either of the shutdowns since 2020 and your sessions were cut short, we are currently calculating credits for time missed. We hope to let you know in the next little while how this will work.
  • With regard to COVID procedures. Although it varies slightly between the Pan Am and DIP, the basic underlying premise is you will have to be fully vaccinated to enter the facilities. Thus upon each entry you will have to provide Proof of vaccination including Personal ID e.g. Driver’s License etc. For DIP (Dunbarton Indoor Pool), we will be maintaining a screening process upon entry. It should be noted that one area of concern is the change rooms i.e. masks + 2M.
    If you can not find your vaccination records, you should be able to obtain them
    at https://covid19.ontariohealth.ca/.
  • We will try to post related documentation and they become available.

As always, any suggestions / questions / concerns may be directed to membership@PickeringMSC.ca 

We are here to listen and provide you with a better swim experience.

The Executive

Pickering Master Swim Club (https://pickeringmsc.ca/)

Pickering MSC Fall 2021 News letter

For PDF Version please select Pickering MSC Fall 2021 News letter

Hello Fellow Swimmers, 

We hope this newsletter finds you well & enjoying the summer. It is FINALLY that time of year to welcome you all back to the pool! 

 Please see below for all you need to know.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE September 20 – December 18 (13 weeks)

  • Monday   9-10pm TPASC
  • Tuesday  9-10pm Dunbarton (DIP)
  • Saturday 8-9am Dunbarton  (DIP)

*Thursday 9-10pm at Dunbarton Indoor Pool (DIP) to be scheduled IF/WHEN all other times get filled*

The Winter/Spring 2022 schedule will be available closer to that time, but we are hopeful we can continue to offer a full practice schedule into the new year as well.


  • TPASC has a max capacity of 24 swimmers for Mondays Dunbarton has a max capacity of 15 swimmers for Tuesdays & Thursdays & Saturdays*the Swim Club requires a min of 15 swimmers per practice in order to run the any of the programs*


  • Mondays – Dave & Paul will temporarily cover as the Club seeks a permanent coach 
  • Tuesdays – Sam
  • Thursday – Coach TBD if session runs
  • Saturdays – Rene

Iain – as some of you may know, Iain will not be returning as a coach for the Pickering MSC. Life has taken him West of Toronto and therefore, continuing on with Pickering unfortunately does not work for him at this time. Please feel free to reach out directly to Iain to let him know how much you appreciated his time & dedication to the swim club. He will be missed, and we are hoping to convince Iain to join us for a pint sometime in the future!


In order to register, please go to https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/  and follow the process. As indicated you must first join the club and MSO with a $15 fee. Thereafter you can enroll in the desired session(s). If you wish to enroll in multiple sessions, we would ask that you enroll in your first choice first and pay for it. If you wish to then enroll in others, please go ahead, but do not send funds to pay until requested. This to ensure all swimmers have an opportunity to swim. If a session is full, please add yourself to the waiting list. Once all swimmers have had a chance to select their first selection, we will assign any vacant spots to those requesting in the order they are 

 Mondays – 12 Evenings = $120 Commencing Monday September 20, 2021 9:00 pm at TPASC

 Tuesday  –  13 Evenings =$140  Commencing Tuesday September 21, 2021 9:00 pm at DIP

 Thursday – 12 Evenings = $130 Commencing Thursday September 20, 2021 9:00 pm at DIP
                  *** If offered ***

  Saturday – 13 Mornings = $140 Commencing Saturday September 25, 2021 8:00 am at DIP

If you are a swimmer who paid in full prior to the most recent lockdown, please know that we have not forgotten about you! Details of a swimmers credit to follow this initial round of registrations. Individuals will be contacted directly. Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate these uncharted times for the Club.

 COVID PROTOCAL – the facilities where the Pickering MSC will be swimming are governed by the most recent vaccine requirements outlined by the Ontario Provincial Government. These new requirements come into effect on September 22, 2021.


The vaccine certificate system will cover “higher-risk” indoor spaces where masks can’t be worn at all times. It applies to the following settings:

            • Restaurants and bars (excluding outdoor patios, delivery and takeout).
            • Nightclubs, including outdoor areas.
            • Meeting and event spaces like banquet halls and convention centres.
            • Sports and fitness facilities and gyms, with the exception of youth recreational sports.
            • Sporting events.
            • Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments.
            • Concerts, music festivals, theatres and cinemas.
            • Strip clubs, bath houses and sex clubs.
            • Racing venues.


We are excited to welcome you all back to the pool! As always, please forward any and all questions, thoughts & concerns regarding this upcoming year. 

Note: If you have already sent your money to enroll in the club, we will try to facilitate the completion of your enrollment. Although there may be a request

to adjust funds. Our apologies for any inconvenience as per this miscalculation. Please rest assured that we only charge what is necessary to maintain the club which is 100% non-profit.

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Pickering Masters Swim Club 2021/04/03 – COVID Shutdown

Well, as I am sure, most of you have heard, we are back into a provincial wide shut down for a month, including no access to pools.

Although we will all miss our swims and many other things, most would agree that this is a necessary step. 

Please continue to monitor the web site and emails if you are a member for alternatives including, like last time, any virtual options if there is interest.

Stay safe and get vaccinated if it available to you.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let us know at membership@pickeringmsc.ca

Pickering Masters Swim Club  (PickeringMSC.ca)




2021 Return to the Pool We’re a Go

Thank you for all those who have responded to the survey we sent out. So far we have received over 40 Reponses. Although some have understandably opted to wait, we have had enough folks reply to the affirmative to tentatively offer all three sessions at this time. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. These have now been posted at https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/. Our aim is to start these as indicated next Tuesday March 3, 2021 from 8:00-9:00 pm and run for 6 weeks until the April break. If you swam back in November with us, be assured that we are following the same strict protocols as we previously used i.e. see https://pickeringmsc.ca/covid-19-pool-setup-and-general-practice-instructions/ . We have received approval from the local Health Department and the city of Pickering and with the above safety measures in place we are ready to start back in the pool.  

To sign up, simply login and go to the membership page and select the session(s) you would like to enroll in and provide the required information.

  • Not a member this Season? Simply e-transfer us the $12 to join MSO and you are in.
  • Already a member this season? Login and signup to sessions you are interested in.
  • New to the club?, simply go to the bottom of the membership page (https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/), (signup), and follow prompts.

Please note the following:

  • First come, first serve. This includes receipt of payment i.e. e-transfer.
  • You will be given priority to sign up for your first choice session i.e. based on receipt of payment.
  • If there is space i.e. less than 15 and you wish to swim more than once a week, also enroll in these with payment.
  • If we receive less than 15 enrollment for a session, the session may be cancelled for this time around.
  • If you submit a payment for a session and it doesn’t run or you did not get in, your payment will not be processed.
  • If we get shut down after we start due to health regulations, we will try and keep track of your attendance to that point and credit you upon resumption of swimming. It should otherwise indicated that we a have a no refund policy.

Please remember this is an organization run by volunteers, your support in complying with the health regulations and maintaining that while in the pool will help us all to keep doing what we enjoy.  A club of athletes, friends and healthy people.

Note: We also had a strong survey response to returning to the Pan Am and to an OWS program. We are definitely committed to returning to TPASC when we can i.e. when restrictions allow. For the O(pen) W(ater) S(wim) program we will keep the dialog open as we move towards the warmer weather.

As always, any suggestions / questions / concerns may be directed to membership@PickeringMSC.ca

The Executive

Pickering Master Swim Club (https://pickeringmsc.ca/)