Registration for 2022/2023 Season 

To Start  Register with the Club

For New Members

  If you are new to the club,

  1. Please follow the Register with Club  process to provide some information about yourself and sign required waivers to join us
    for any swim. In this process, you will be registered and be provided with a login password.
  2. Login using link located in session box below and login credentials which were emailed to you.
  3. Select the swim times you wish to try below.
  4. Come and try a swim on us i.e. from one of the swim times you selected below or simply go to step 5.
  5. If you decide to continue, simply e-transfer to :
    1. $15 annual registration fee.
    2. Indicated pro-rated amount for the session.

For Returning Members

  1.  If you have been a member in the past, If you are not logged in, Login using link located in session box below.
         –  Don’t remember your password, simply follow the “lost your password?” process on login page using your email address.
         – If you do not receive a confirmation email upon signing up within 4 hours, please let us know at It is important  
           that you confirm your registration to complete this part of the process.
         – If you have not registered for the current 2022/23 season, the go to the Members Area then click on the registration link  (Your information will   
             per-populate to form fields).

   2. Once registered for the 2022/23 season and logged in, please select the swim sessions on this page and times you wish to enrol in below.

Please check your membership confirmation email to confirm. The MSO cost for the 2022/2023 season remains at $15.00.

You will be then able to enrol in swim programs for the 2022/23 season listed below.


(1) although joining MSO is a requirement to provide the club Insurance, MSO also provides some benefits independent of swimming with PickeringMSC. These include things such as Megameter Tracker and information on masters swimming and supporting Master swimming in Ontario.  

(2) For payment, in order to facilitate contact less interactions, the club will only be accepting e-transfer as a method of payment to

(3) If you are not ready to join yet but would like to be added to our email list please send note to and we will add you to our email list. Please check your email and Website( regularly for updates.

(4) Drop in Availability – If space exists on given night, you can contact for availability of any extra spots. If a spot exists and you are registered with the club and are a MSO member, you may pay a $12 drop in fee to swim to  If you are not registered with the club, Simply register and also send us your MSO number. Not a MSO member, send $15 to and we will register you. You are only allowed to drop in a maximum of 2 times per month.