2021 Return to the Pool We’re a Go

Thank you for all those who have responded to the survey we sent out. So far we have received over 40 Reponses. Although some have understandably opted to wait, we have had enough folks reply to the affirmative to tentatively offer all three sessions at this time. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. These have now been posted at https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/. Our aim is to start these as indicated next Tuesday March 3, 2021 from 8:00-9:00 pm and run for 6 weeks until the April break. If you swam back in November with us, be assured that we are following the same strict protocols as we previously used i.e. see https://pickeringmsc.ca/covid-19-pool-setup-and-general-practice-instructions/ . We have received approval from the local Health Department and the city of Pickering and with the above safety measures in place we are ready to start back in the pool.  

To sign up, simply login and go to the membership page and select the session(s) you would like to enroll in and provide the required information.

  • Not a member this Season? Simply e-transfer us the $12 to join MSO and you are in.
  • Already a member this season? Login and signup to sessions you are interested in.
  • New to the club?, simply go to the bottom of the membership page (https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/), (signup), and follow prompts.

Please note the following:

  • First come, first serve. This includes receipt of payment i.e. e-transfer.
  • You will be given priority to sign up for your first choice session i.e. based on receipt of payment.
  • If there is space i.e. less than 15 and you wish to swim more than once a week, also enroll in these with payment.
  • If we receive less than 15 enrollment for a session, the session may be cancelled for this time around.
  • If you submit a payment for a session and it doesn’t run or you did not get in, your payment will not be processed.
  • If we get shut down after we start due to health regulations, we will try and keep track of your attendance to that point and credit you upon resumption of swimming. It should otherwise indicated that we a have a no refund policy.

Please remember this is an organization run by volunteers, your support in complying with the health regulations and maintaining that while in the pool will help us all to keep doing what we enjoy.  A club of athletes, friends and healthy people.

Note: We also had a strong survey response to returning to the Pan Am and to an OWS program. We are definitely committed to returning to TPASC when we can i.e. when restrictions allow. For the O(pen) W(ater) S(wim) program we will keep the dialog open as we move towards the warmer weather.

As always, any suggestions / questions / concerns may be directed to membership@PickeringMSC.ca

The Executive

Pickering Master Swim Club (https://pickeringmsc.ca/)