Dry land Training Session II – Can of Beans and a Pull Buoy

Hello Fellow Swimmers! And winter hikers, snow shoers, cross country skiers, walk-around-the-blockers, road runners, frozen pond skaters, weight lifters, trail runners, zumba-ers, kitchen dancers….


While still out of the pool, there are so many other ways to keep us moving and healthy. If the colder temps are keeping you indoors, a few trips up and down your staircase can get your heart rate up, the circulation going, and your leg muscles working in no time. Moving in some way for just 20 minutes a day will keep you doing all of the things you love to do for a long, long time.


To support your efforts to stay fit & moving, the Swim Club is thrilled to once again offer our Dry Land Training for another 4 week session from the safety & comfort of your own home.


In addition to your mat, towels & pull buoy, please also have some free weights (2, 5 or 10lbs), resistance bands, or a good ol’ can of beans for some additional strength work. We can do a lot with little equipment, some knowledge of movement & joint/muscle loading, and a willingness to move in different ways. The body gets better with variety, so if you’ve done the same workout for years, try something new & see what happens!


We will increase our work in these areas;

  • Core Strength & Responsiveness (for body control & back health)
  • Shoulders & Upper Body (for pulling strength & injury prevention)
  • Hips & Legs (for kicking & push off power)
  • Stretching & Joint Mobility (for swim/activity prep & recovery)
  • Breathing Exercises (for improved breath capacity in the water)


Dates: Feb.9, 16, 23 & Mar.2

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Where: Zoom

Cost: $50 for 4-wk registration OR $15 per class for pay-as-you-go


Registration is easy with the link on our website https://pickeringmsc.ca/ 

or directly https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/ and select from Swim Sessions