2021 Return to the Pool

Are we or aren’t we. To swim or not to swim. Try to return to a bit of normalcy with caution or stay sequestered in our homes?

As the region of Durham moves out of lock down and into red, the regional department of health office and the city of Pickering has given us the go to return to what we had before we went into lock-down. That being limited access to swim while observing very strict COVID guidelines including 2-meters at all time, screening, and limiting the numbers we are allowed to have in the pool to 18 which we have reduced to 15.

Sorry about those looking for return to TPASC, but currently still off limits as per lock-down. It does however remain on our radar.

It should be stressed that the situation is very fluid (pun intended) and we could move either to more restrictions or less at any time.

If it is a go, we could look at a return to the pool as early as Tuesday March 2, 2021. With sign up being available later this week.

Enrollment will likely be the same as before the lockdown. We will schedule two (2) consecutive sessions for each swim slot i.e. Tuesday/Saturday/Thursday depending on demand. For example March 2, 2021 to April break and then from April break until the end of May.

Please check https://pickeringmsc.ca/membership/ for upcoming session.

As always, any suggestions / questions / concerns may be directed to membership@PickeringMSC.ca

The Executive

Pickering Master Swim Club (https://pickeringmsc.ca/)